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The Spot

7 Our second station is at Falasarna beach for Surf, Windsurf & Standup Paddle board (SUP) activities. Phalasarna, is located on the western part of the island. One of the three most beautiful beaches of west Crete, a must see for the crystal clear water and the beautiful sand.

Surfing Spot: Falasarna main beach is ideal for Surf activities. The sandy beach with waist high water is a perfect playground for the first steps in wave riding. Our station provides a full range of Surfboards, SUP, Bodyboards for all levels and needs. Everyone can have fun in the water with safety, from the young kids to adults.

Wave conditions: Falasana beach is facing every surf forecast that provides west waves and it works with the very first small size and it has great quality up to head high days (1.5m) that still work good but for the most experienced. The bottom is sandy and gives many options for the beginners to pick the right spot.

Wind conditions: When the location is exposed to the famous ‘meltemi’ north-east winds of the Aegean sea with off-shore winds blowing force 4 to force 6 and sometimes to force 7 beauforts. From May to October meltemi winds blows from the Aegean sea turning Greece into a windsurfing paradise.

fish-boat Spot: At the south of Phalasarna Station, next to a small fish-boat harbor, you will enjoy some of the best freestyle conditions found in all Greece, with flat water and plenty of wind. On the left side there is a large free space for slalom and freeride conditions while on the right side there is another beach with a bump and jump onshore area for those who seek wavier conditions.

Perfect playground: Speed addicts, freestylers, and beginners can enjoy the best conditions for them in different terrain.  The beach is very wide and never feels overload of surfers. Also there are some really shallow parts that work with tiny swell, great place for kids to walk instead of paddling and make a safe place to the youngsters. A big advantage also for people that are not used with huge paddling workout. Falasana provide a breach break that always works depended of the wave size. It is a friendly place for your non-surfing partners too as they can go to the main beach to relax, or have a delicious lunch in the traditional fish tavern in front of the beach.

The Station: Our Station at Falasarna is working daily from 1st of June until the end of September. For the same period we operate two more windsurfing , surfing spots at Elafonisi spot Chania Kalamaki spot.

Additional info

Falasarna Beach with its wonderful, fine, white sand and warm, crystal-clear water, has won prizes for being the most beautiful beach in Crete and has always been considered one of the top ten beaches in Europe. Nowadays Falasarna is a famous Cretan destination thanks to its beautiful beaches, and its ecological preservation as part of the Natura 2000 network.  Due to its variety of flora and fauna with outstanding natural beauty you will find this stunning beach to have the best sunset in WestCrete.

Falasarna is 59 km westerly from Chania. Travel there by car taking the National Road from Chaniathrough Kissamos (Kastelli), there after following the road signs over the low mountain highway to Falasarna.  Daily buses to the beach from Chania and Kastelli are also available.

Descending the charming mountain road into Falasarna you will experience a 180 degree breathtaking panorama of mountains and sea punctuated by two principal beaches divided by a few sand dunes. The south beach, known as “Pachia Ammos”, is longer and wider than its adjacent cousin to the north. There are yet two more beaches further south; a sandy beach with rocks on the bottom, and the small beach next to the little harbor where most windsurfing and kitesurfing activities take place.

For our windsurfing addicts there is a traditional fish tavern and coffee shop in front of the windsurfing area adjacent to the little harbor. There you will find showers, Cretan food and wind protection for your non windsurfing partner with a view of all the sailing action. Compared to the main beach to the north this is a quieter area to enjoy the sea having a more traditional feeling. Another small sandy beach may be enjoyed 50m from the windsurfing area with a shallow water natural pool bordered by unique rock formations. Above the fish tavern rooms for let are available if you wish to stay overnight.

For those who wish to spend the day at Falasarna’s main beach to the north you will find it fully organized with umbrellas and numerous sun beds for let. However, there is plenty of open beach for those who would rather bring their own chairs and beach umbrellas. There are also two fine taverns on the beach providing snacks, water, coffee and spirits.

Holiday goers will find numerous hotels, rooms for let and restaurants located on the hills overlooking Falasarna’s main beach.

Other Activities

Archeological site: on the northerly side of Falasarna there is the ancient Roman town and the old harbor.

Daily Trips: There are organized daily trips to Balos beach, famous for the beautiful lagoon and natural scenery.

Beach Party: Beach parties are often organized in the evening so don’t be in a hurry to leave becausethe fun continues as the sun goes down with what one must admit is one of the most impressive sunsets in Crete! Organized each year, on the first or second Saturday of August, is the famous Falasarna beach party. However, if you’d like something more one evening you can drive 40 kilometres to Platanias where your choices of bars and nightclubs are inexhaustible.

SurfIsland trips: We organize special trips to other spots for those who want to see and surf other places around West Crete during their vacations. During the summer season there are special conditions in West Crete which may interest you. If you are an expert and want to do wave riding in side-on shore to off-shore conditions, or push your level in freestyle to the next level, there will be days of special interest. If you are interested in traditional surfing we can also organize surf trips to several beaches in West Crete. We choose the right place with perfect waves, ideal to your level every time, to max out your fun in the water. Let our experience be your guide and you will have unforgettable moments in the water.