Katerina Papadopoulou

I arrived in Chania in August 2015 for a short vacation having way too much in my head and thinking it would be impossible to relax. I was wrong. After 3 days of surfing lessons in Falassarna and windsurfing sunsets in Elafonisi, I was ready to never leave the island, like ever again. The nature is incredible and so is the Surfisland crew. Great equipment for all levels, very helpful and professional instructors, fantastic weather conditions and friendly people everywhere. And as a bonus, Surfisland will also give you the best restaurant recommendations in the island!

Katerina PapadopoulouCalifornia
Patrik Hympendahl
I have spent my last 4 summer holidays in the western parts of Crete. The coast around Elafonisi and Phalassarna provides perfect windsurf conditions for beginners as well as for experts and especially freestyle windsurfing. The shallow and warm water made it possible, that my son (8 years) and our friends’ daughter (9 years) have learned windsurfing on Crete. Especially the sandy beaches of Elafonisi are perfect for beginners. The more advanced windsurfer will be reminded of the Caribbean islands, given the turkey coloured, clear water.  Surfisland’s instructors were perfect . With all the experience and their gentle style of teaching they were just the perfect instructors for the kids. And more than once they could give me some expert advice on the latest freestyle maneuvers. I can definitely recommend Elafonisi and Phalasarna to a wide range of windsurfers: beginners as well as intermediate windsurfers and expert freestyle windsurfers; pure “windsurf junkies” as well as families!
Patrik HympendahlDeutschland
Apostolos Apostolidis

Summer time in Chania, windsurfing at Elafonissi. I arrived with the phobia of the sea and a lot of doubts if I would be able to stand on a board but at the end I felt in love with everything. The water, the air, the adrenaline of the ride. The sea has acquired a different meaning and dimension due to windsurfing. Kostas and Manos from Surfisland with their love of teaching made ​​me feel comfortable and helped me to enjoy what this sport has to give. I went back to London full of experiences and I am looking forward to return next summer.

Apostolos ApostolidisUK
Bjorno Rafto

My 13 year old daughter received her first windsurfing lessons at Elafonisi last summer from Surfisland who provided excellent equipment and instruction.

Bjorno RaftoUSA
Katerina K

Windsurfing in Elafonisi. Elafonisi is a Natura 2000 protected area. Elafonisi is a popular destination among windsurfers, so in autumn 2013, a group of  5 multicultural friends, we decided a visit, to practise windsurf. A contact, advised us to prefer Surfisland team, who could let us the equipment,  teach the ones who have never tried windsurfing before and guide the advanced ones. It’s amazing how patiently and quickly they taught me how to balance, guide the windsurf and move in small distances. We started the day practising, till the sun fell down. By sunset, we were too tired to move but anxious for the next day to start. It was a great experience, that I would strongly suggest to anyone who wishes to feel the magic of the wind, the sea and the sun. Thank you Manos and Kostas for a lifetime experience!

Katerina KGreece
Ioannis Kostogiannis

I never expected that a couple of weeks in the summer of 2006 would get me that hooked with windsurfing. Surfisland has experienced instructors who love their job and the sea. What started as a few lessons for me and my wife, resulted in a yearly adventure with the company of great surfers and windsurfers. The instructors at Surfisland will not only learn you how to surf, but they will “contaminate you with the surf virus”. It does not matter if you want to take your first steps, perfect your jibe or learn the latest freestyle moves. There is something there from anyone, from beginners to experienced surfers. And the best of all is that you can explore the beautiful beaches and the culture of Crete at the same time. The area around Chania has probably some of the best beaches in Greece and the feeling of windsurfing in crystal clear water and pink-colered sand is second to none. Surfisland and Chania is probably the best way to spend an eventful summer vacation.

Ioannis KostogiannisSweden

Surfisland – Elafonisi

Surfisland – Falasarna