Falasarna Perfection


Well, there are some days in West Crete that, as a windsurfer, I dream about to come again. And when they come, it’s all about offshore wavy lines full of perfection. This time we had a perfect session in Falasarna beach with a lot of friends riding head to logo high lines.

 The scenario is pretty much the same. Sifis and Giannis arrived  on time from Athens, running first to the west coast. There we found Pete (Piotr Czekala), a Polish tourist that live the last four months in Crete doing windsurfing for holidays, who is responsible for these awesome photographs. Then Manolis arrived on the spot with all the team from Chania and the guys from Heraklion. Michael Farsaris and Nick Kaklamanakis didn’t miss the day, doing all their best to put the level of greek wave sailing higher!

The wind was in a good direction but a little bit stronger than usual. The waves where struggling to turn in full high to the point break cause of the strong offshore wind but at the same time the wave was breaking really slow and predictable that helped to play with pivotal arcing turns. This is what I love to this spot. You can turn as hard as you can and the peak of the wave is following slow your rhythm, like dancing with surfing style.

 It was for sure a good weekend that all the friend we will talk about in 2015. The photos show a little bit of the story…

 The Falasarna view from the hill…

Sifis and Giannis…the usual visitors!


Michalis Farsaris the ‘President’


Michalis pushing his fins…


And he does it HARD!!!

Giannis down the line…

Giannis and Sifis…the two Fanatics.

Nick Kaklamanakis doing what he loves!

A small break between the sessions

Me and some spray…

another view


Me and Manos sharing the wave. The SurfIsland Team together!

Manos just at the right spot!

beach view

Michalis borrowed the small sail from Sifis. Too windy

Michalis and ‘to kalami’

After the photo view we voted Michalis as the best stylish and powerful wave-rider. See the spray he throws at cutbacks and you can understand. After the judgment he jumped on the reed and took that last photo with ‘to kalami’!

(A Greek expression for those who have big thoughts for themselves ;-) )

Cheers for the next time !!!